Getting Started

Setting up OggChat the first time is simple.  We're going to describe how to set up an operator, configure your custom chat window, and generate the code snippet to include in your website.

OggChat Dashboard

When you log into OggChat, you'll see a dashboard screen like the one below with information on your current subscription, the number of operators your subscription supports and your current chat window status.  You can change your subscription at any time by selecting the Account link on the left-hand navigation bar and choosing a subscription bundle.

OggChat Dashboard

Operator Setup

First create an operator if one doesn't exist.  An operator is just an OggChat user or agent that can receive customer chat requests via IM.  When a customer starts a customer chat using OggChat, we route chats directly to GMail or Google Talk.  If you don't have a Google GMail or Google Talk account, you can set one up for free.  After saving a new operator, we will send you 3 Friend requests to your Google IM account.  Please accept all three of these in order to receive chat requests from OggChat.

OggChat Operator Screen

Creating a Chat Window

You can create a custom chat window for each website of your choice and manage them all in OggChat.  Just select the Chat Windows link in the left column, then "New Chat Window".  You can customize the default responses visitors will see, select your preferred language, as well as set of days of the week and office hours that your chat will be available.

Customer Live Chat Window Settings

Generating Website Code for Your Custom Chat Window

Next you can select a custom logo for your window, and configure default colors, window popup sizes, and the text or image that will be displayed on your website.  

Generating Chat Window Code

Previewing and Generating your Chat Window Code

Select the preview button on this page to see what your chat window will look like.  Then select Generate Code to copy the code snippet to include in your website.  Just paste this code directly into your webpage.  

We support traditional html sites, Joomla Sites, Google Sites, and Email Signatures.  If you need help with any of these, please email us any questions.

Preview Chat Window

Visitor Monitoring

If you select the Include Visitor Monitor checkbox when generating your code snippet, OggChat Live Visitor Monitoring will be enabled on your account.  You can watch visitors as they access your site, view their page footprint, time on site, as well as their Geo-Location.  Just select the Invite to Chat button to proactively send them an invite to chat.

Visitor Monitoring