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Getting Started with OggChat

OggChat supports multiple chat sessions to a single operator by using separate chat bots. We do this so that each incoming chat request comes into Google Talk and Gmail in a different window to prevent confusion between which session is which. When we send out new friend requests to Gmail, we send 1 invite for each of the chat bots. Please accept each you receive.
Certainly. Any of our OggChat subscriptions support custom branding with your own logo instead of the OggChat logo on your chat window. These subscription plans also support multiple operators (users) with unique screen names, and multiple domains if you happen to manage multiple websites and want chat windows on each.
OggChat works just fine with any Google Sites website. When customizing your chat widget code, just select a Website type of "Google Sites" in the dropdown and the appropriate code will be generated for you. We'll also display a link to a tutorial on how to include your live chat widget in your Google Site.
Use these instructions to set up OggChat for iChat on your Mac.

1. Start iChat or Messages on your Mac
2. Select Preferences...
3. Choose the Accounts tab (the second tab) on the window
4. Click the + button in the lower left-hand corner to create a new account.
5. Select Account Type Google
6. Enter your Google email address and password. Hosted accounts work as well.
7. Click Done
8. Go to your Messages or iChat Window and select Available as your Status.

If you've already accepted friend requests from chat1, chat2, and chat3 for this Gmail account, you are ready to start accepting OggChat chats.
Yes, we can remove our co-branding on all paid accounts. Contact us for details.