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Step 1. Sign up for a Free Trial
Step 2. Create a chat widget and get the generated code snippet
Step 3. Cope and paste the generated code into your site's HTML page.
That's It!
You can also try our Wordpress Plugin
We have 4 primary plans:
Lite at $12/month for 1 Agent,
- Pro at $29/month for 3 Agents,
- Premier at $59/month for 6 Agents,
- Enterprise at $119/month for 12 Agents.
We also support custom plans for larger organizations.

Visit our pricing page for additional details.
We support full customization of the chat window as well as the online and offline chat buttons. Here are some of the things you can customize:
- Upload your own chat buttons
- Customize text, location, and color of chat tabs
- Choose a default language
- Customize default responses
- Customize canned messages
- Use your own CSS
Yes, OggChat does work with Google Hangouts. We leverage Google's XMPP network to send messages back and forth to agents. Google Hangouts does not enable XMPP by default - so we have a workaround. When you add a new Agent we email you detailed directions, but the short answer is the following:

1. If you've already upgraded to Hangouts, login to Gmail, selected your name or icon in the lefthand navigation, you'll see a menu with a link that says "Downgrade to old Chat"
2. Once Downgraded to Google Talk, add your Agent on the OggChat side (or resend your invitation).
3. Accept the 5 chat bot invites you see in Google Talk.
4. That''s it! You can upgrade to Google Hangouts and your integration will stay enabled.
1. Login to Gmail
2. Sign into Chat in the lower left-hand column in Gmail.
3. If you've created an Operator in OggChat, you should see friend requests from chat1 [at], chat2 [at], and chat3 [at] Accept each of these requests.
4. Set your status to Available. I
5. f you've included the Button Widget code on your website, you're ready to chat.
6. If you don't see chat1, chat2, and chat3, in your contact list, you can re-send invitations by logging into OggChat, selecting your operator, and choosing "Re-Send Chat Invitations".
Yes, we support both of those features! You can see exactly who is on your website at any time, view their Geo Location, page history, and Pre sales information. You can then select any visitor and invite them to chat with a custom message. We also support automatic proactive chat triggers.
Each Chat Widget has configurable office hours where you can choose days of week and hours for each day. These override all other specific agent statuses.

Next, you control agent status by their office hours. Finally, you control agent status by making their Instant Messenger status Available or Busy/Offline. The simplest way to control status for small businesses is just to rely on the Agent IM status. If all agents are offline, then the chat button will show as offline.

Be aware, that because of caching, the button itself may not reflect the updated status for up to 2 minutes. This is done to reduce overhead on our servers.