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Billing Questions

We manage all of our subscriptions through PayPal. For yearly plans, we can accept Credit Cards directly, please contact us for details.
If your subscription is still active in PayPal, just login to OggChat, select Account in the left-hand navigation and click the Change Subscription button. Follow the PayPal subscription setup (which actually changes your existing subscription). Once you complete the PayPal setup, you'll be upgraded to the new plan.
For security purposes we automatically suspend the account in this case. Just contact us via email or chat and we can quickly reset the account back to Trial status so you can set up a new subscription.
If you need to cancel your account, you can do it right from PayPal. Just click on your History, find a transaction payment to OggChat (ICOA, Inc.), click on the payment and you'll see a subscription link. Once there you can just cancel the subscription. We'll pick up the response on our end.